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How Rucksacks Conquered our Backs

We all need bags to make our travels and activities more convenient and easy. Bags would contain everything that we need whenever we intend to leave our homes and head on to another destination. Rucksacks are those kinds of bags which are worn on the back and are used during moments of great outdoor activities like hiking and mountain climbing. These bags are famous due to their ability to contain almost all of your needs kept in different compartments.

History of Backpacks

You may call it backpack, knapsacks, packsacks or packs but every rucksack is defined as the one being carried on the back through straps that go over and across the shoulders. Whether you want to go hiking, travelling or simply laptop carrying, this kind of bag began as every hunter’s tool in catching and keeping their prey. It was said that long ago, hunters used to divide their large hunts among themselves each keeping the pieces in different compartments of their backpacks. The latter are made out of animal skin which is sewn together using animal intestines to imitate a thread-like material.

The word backpack as substitute for rucksack was coined in the United States in 1910. Before this happened, the bag is called packsack and money bag. The term ruck sack is a combination of two words – the der Rucken which is pertaining to the human back. The word is a German word which was used commonly in the United Kingdom and US Arm forces.

Eventually in time, many designers have created different versions of this bag for many purposes especially for the containing of things for outdoor activities.

Considerations for choosing the right Rucksack

When buying a backpack, you may want to consider first the kind of activity you are going to perform. These activities can be categorized as follows:

  • General Walking which allows you to bring water containers, small towels and other necessities

  • Multi-activity which pertains to hiking and running

  • Hill walking – a more technical activity as compared to general walking and backpacks should be made with wand pockets, compression straps, ice axe loops and other attachment features.

  • Mountaineering – sacks should be narrow, light weight and stable .They should also be ideal for climbing and scrambling.

  • Expedition – backpacks should have more intensive capacity to endure longer paths, more difficult roads and should be big enough to carry sleeping bags and tents.

Aside from the activities, the user should also consider the carrying capacity of the knapsack. A person may not have an idea of the right size of his rucksack unless he is familiar with the following useful guide for volume consideration:

  • Superlight strips – 10 to 25 litres

  • For hill walks and short valley – 25 to 35 litres

  • Scrambling, mountaineering and hill climbing – 35 to 45 litres

  • Hut-to-hut trips – 45 to 55 litres

  • Camping expeditions – 55 to 75 litres

  • Remote locations for camping expeditions – more than 75 litres

Hydration systems, ventilation, comfort, back length, pockets and stability are other more considerations when choosing the right rucksack for your activities. 


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